Friday, October 3, 2014

Handmade tropical sweet and Sour Guava a Superfruit for you Body!

Exotic Acai Botanical extract and Shea Butter blended in a Glycerin Base making your skin extremely soft.

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Body Kantina "Fresh Handmade Bath & Body Yumies!" is now hiring experienced sales representatives 
for new wholesale accounts.We are looking to expand our brand all over the USA 

If you are an experienced sales rep.or know someone that would be a good fit for or company please share this link and contact us here in the inbox, or email us at

Have a Soapy Day!

Our Bath & Body Products are manufactured and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA. We have taken great care to use materials of the highest quality. Our Bath & Body products are Paraben Free and our soaps sulfate free, Our soaps have unique shapes, they look and smell like real fruits, cakes, deserts, candies and more. We also make Yummy Candles. Our Brand is very unique and customers love our products. We manufacture, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Body Mist, Bubble Bath, Body Wash, Massage Bath and Body Oil, Bath Bombs, Candles and many unique soaps. The perfect unique giftsThey look and smell amazing like the real thing! A huge hit with the kids, teens and adults love to give them as gifts  If you are looking for the next hottest Bath & Body company – this is it!  

Hello everyone!

Meet my new Body Kantina Handmade bath bombs they are so cute ! It was a lot of work putting this together but they are funny and cute The fizzy family. Check them out at .
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Meet Mr. Mint-Lyptus. 

Oh well, what can we say about Mr. Mint-Lyptus. Even though he's a little bit over weight. Don't let him hear that by the way! He thinks he is the Bomb! Ounce a flirt always a flirt. He's always around trying to get a new friend to relax all of her achy muscles, and as a matter of fact he is damn Good! He's very Stimulant, uplifting and revitalizing. He'll make your achy tired body feels like new. But make sure not to fall in love with him, He'll brake your heart, He's definitely not one girl type of Bomb, He'll for sure flirt with all of your Friends Oh by the Way if You are a Guy, He has absolutely no problems with that. Shea and Cocoa Butter, blend of essential oils, Relief your stress with our Mint-Lyptus Bath Bomb. Relax and enjoy while the fizzy takes away your stress and relax your muscles.

Meet Sleepy Lavender! 

Our Laziest Bath Bomb! He'll put you to sleep, so make sure that it's exactly what you are looking for, before dropping him into your bathtub. You must take a nap with Sleepy Lavender or he'll annoy you all night long! Do you want that? Shea and Cocoa Butter, blend of essential oils, Relax with our Sleepy Lavender Bath Bomb. Enjoy a relaxing bath while the fizzy releases an amazing blend of Lavender essential oils.

Meet Coco-Litsea! 

Our smart cool little friend She smells so good .She is very energizing, uplifting .So Make sure you are into her. She loves to make new friends so after taking a bath with cocolitsea you might get some new friends yourself. You'll be smelling So COCOLICIOUS! Hey she loves talking so make sure that you give her some love before she fizzes  away! 
Handmade in our #bodykantina Studio in Los Angeles, CA

Meet Mrs. Tea Rose! 

Ok I'm warning you don't you dare play games with Mrs. Tea Rose, she's full of love and sensuality. She Loves romance , players walk away now! Once You Give Mrs. Tea Rose a chance there is no way back! You'll absolutely fall in love with her, She is delicate and sweet Make sure to light a candle and a very relaxing music in the background before you get into the bathtub with Mrs. Tea Rose. And If for some reason You decide to share a bath with your love one, Don't you worry Mrs. Tea Rose is not jealous! Isn't this amazing?Handmade in our Bodykantina Studio in Los Angeles, CA


Eat my Soap!

#Olgakay  comes back to Body Kantina and gets lots of Yummy Soaps, in the Video with the Owner, Creator and Designer of our Body Kantina #Adrianasouza.
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5 MOST WANTED August 2013

5 Most wanted August 2013

#BodyKantina was chosen to be one of the 5 most wanted products of August 2013 by the lovely #Olgakay #mooshmommy.
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